One Gel - Made in France


Our products are developed based on elements from one or more sites based on the French territory. Manufactured in France and uses a French outsourcing.


Packaging is an essential element for the submission , retention, and communication. Our packaging meets the following criteria :

- Flexible packaging
- Suitability of the type of packaging
- Strict quality control system and efficient

Manufacturing quality

The quality is always the watchword of the K1 distri and his collaborators, evidenced by their ISO 13485 and NF 4074 Traceability is also required certification.

The Phyto K1 distri has a perfect knowledge of the properties of raw materials, control technology, qualified personnel, certified quality products, in accordance with the legislation in force .


Our expertise is put to the test to get a perfect harmony of color and fragrance of our products.

Knowledge creation : research, design, manufacture , mixed formulas , creation, control performed throughout the production , coloring, texture optimization.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The K1 distri Phyto applies to satisfy the expectations of its customers in accordance with the texts of legislation in terms of consumer safety and environmental conservation for optimized .

Choice of materials

Careful selection of materials

- Viscosity
- Color
- Odor
- PH measurement
- Bacteriological analysis
- Ensuring quality control certified by the certification

Raw materials, components and ingredients that can be purchased in France as non-existent , do not undergo any stage of manufacture , processing, or processing outside of French territory.

With its know -how and an elite team made in France , K1 develops and creates Phyto Creativ leveraging the full potential of natural ingredients for optimal efficiency .

Trade secret

Our secret:

- The formula

- The phythoterapie

- Aromatherapy