One Gel Sport
penetrates quickly and gives an immediate cold effect, followed by a strong heat. It is perfect for the occasional sportsmen/sportswomen professionals as well as for people who don't practice any sport.




One Gel Sport as a massage gel,
 natural solution anti pain that works in two times

• An immediate relief by “ the cold effect ” the thyme essential oil and the menthol.

• A continuous relief by “ the heating effect” thanks to the synergy:

Torticollis : The torticollis is a contraction which can be more or less painful in the muscles of the neck , limiting the rotation of the head.

Aches : The aches are the association between the stiffnesses and muscular pains felt from 24 to 48 hours after unusual or too intense effort.

Cramps : The cramps are the involuntary contractions, brutal and transitory of a muscle or a group of muscles. The cramps are often related to the dehydration or a lack of mineral salts.


Dorsals muscular pains : The dorsals muscular pains can be generated after a wrong movement and can cause a block on the back ( shoulder + lower parts of the back ).

- The horsetail extracts which is known for its anti rheumatic power.
- The essentials oils of rosemary scientifically recognized for helping the circulation.
- A complex of natural and pure essentials oils selected for their soothing actions.

This gel do not stick, do not stain, goes into the skin.

Start now to relieve your cramps, aches and muscular pains.