Powerful !

Gel with an ANALGESIC objective with a cold effect ( cryogenic ), followed by a strong heat.


The gel's texture is not oily and doesn't stain, also it has a refreshing smell.

• Daily use for wellbeing.
• Before the sporty preparation: warm up of the muscles for the effort.
• After physical activity: faster recovery/ relieves aches and pain, bruise, back pain.
• Easy and practical use. Bottle pumps airless. Each pressure delivers the needed amount. It can be activated with the palm of hand.
• Helps blood circulation.
• Anesthetic, relieves muscles and joints discomfort. 
• Helps to prevent and/or relieve muscular strain, joints and lumbar pain, distensions, tendonitis, bruise, inflamed ankle, heavy legs, cramps, elbows of tennis player....
• Cold action followed by a lasting heat.


7 strenghts: extract of horsetail and camphor, menthol, essentials oils of peppermint, cajeput, thyme and rosemary.



One Gel Sport helps relieving sensibles areas: in case of muscular contractions, sprain, contusions, stretching, swelling, tendonitis, joints discomfort, traumatism and others... A simple treatment, quick and effective against muscular pain, or repeated joints discomfort and tendonitis also others traumatism from everyday life, it works through cold effect followed by a strong heat, origin of the analgesic effect.

Muscular tension: the muscular tensions in general appears after an intense muscular effort or an unusual effort. The everyday life activities ( Stress, a static job behind a desk, lack of physical exercises,...) can be responsible of most affected areas: back, neck, arms...

Many sportsmen/sportwomen have already chosen it.

Football players, rugby players, boxers, body builders, swimmers, joggers, cyclists, mountain bikers or even sporty people of extreme sports.