A unique synergy

One Gel - antidouleur mal au dos jambes lourdes

The rapid onset of One Gel Phyto is due to its unique formula . It is the synergistic action of natural active ingredients which allows it to quickly relieve pain.
To relieve muscle pain and / or joint, activate circulation,
sometimes hot and / or cold are used.

What is the best solution?

Must first know that high heat activate circulation, for example a hot shower or hot water bottle will promote muscle recovery by increasing circulation as it delivers oxygen and nutrients needed for tissue regeneration damaged and thus responsible for the pain. Simpler and more effective application of One Gel Phyto essential and created especially for this type of pain .

Cold does not allow it to relieve pain over time, this is an emergency treatment for a suddenly damaged muscle for example. It slows muscle function and thus reduces pain.

Relaxation and well-being with One Gel Phyto !

One Gel relaxation bien être au quotidien

One Gel Phyto has been designed with this in mind, an intense freshness from the application of the gel and a powerful heat to relieve pain over time.