How to use it?


Massage or smooth onto the skin on specific areas in need of One Gel Fitness, once to three times a day.


One Gel Phyto - gel musculaire Thanks to its specific ingredients, it is immediately absorbed by the  skin.

 1/ Comfort.
 2/ Cold effect.
 3/ Warming up and intense heat.




His Secret:

  • Its unique formula 
  • Phytotherapy 
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Power, the secret of essential oils


It contains camphor. 
Wash your hands after each application.
Avoid eye contact, the mucous membranes and the contact with any injury.
In case of contact with your eyes, wash them with a lot of water.
In case of skin dryness reduce the use of the product.
In case of any kind of intolerance, irritation or discomfort stop the use. If the discomfort continues check up with your doctor.