Sales terms and conditions


The next general sale conditions ( hereafter the “ General conditions of sales ” ) control without restriction the sales of products made by the online shop One Gel from the site

The site merchant is a website of electronic commerce accessible by internet network, open to all users of the network (hereafter called “the client” ). It is published by the Phyto Creativ laboratories.

Sale item 1 - Field of application – Approval by the client

The General Sales conditions specify the conditions of your order, the payment, the delivering and the process in eventual cases of return of the product ordered by the client who operates in quality of  unprofessional buyer (hereafter indicated the “ client” ) on the website . The General Sales Conditions are accessible all times on the website . The Client declares to have taken knowledge of the General Sales Conditions and have accepted them by making a checking mark in the checkbox “ I accept the condition of sales and use of this website” before making the process of the online order. These General Sales Conditions can be modified anytime, the applicable version to the client's purchase is the online version at the moment of purchase.

Sale item 2 - Commands of products

All orders go through the website constitutes the creation of a contract through the distance between the client and the online shop One Gel, and implies necessarily the irrevocable acceptation by the client, without restrictions nor reservations, of The General Sales Conditions. With the objective of letting the client knows the products that he/she desires to buy before ordering, the website shows the characteristics of the products on sale. Particularly, the website describes the specifications, illustrations and indications, the size or the capacitance contained of the products. The choice and the purchase of a product is under the client’s responsibility. The pictures and the graphics showed on the website are a simple illustration of the proposed products to sale and they are not contractual. The client is invited to refer his/her self to the description of each product with the objective of knowing the particulars properties, especially for a characteristic searched and the size desired. The offers of products go as long the limit of available stocks. The sale wont be considered as a definitive until sending by the online shop to the client the confirmation of approval of the order by email and then the cashing of the total amount of money of the price by . The client is able to follow the evolution of his/her order on the website and contact the client service through the heading contact us on the website.

Sale item 3 - Prices and conditions of payment

All prices are shown in Euros on the website (exclusive of value added tax V.A.T of applicable according to the current rate on the day of order) These prices include eventual reductions which will be agreed by .The prices do not include the delivery costs; The client is informed of the amount of money to pay for the delivery purpose at the moment of making his order. The products on sale are billed according to the going rate at the moment of the order validation made by the client. The price indicated at the moment of making your order and the confirmation by is the final price. The offers of products are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limit of available stocks. keeps in reserve the right of modifying the prices any time it want. At the moment of the order, the clients are invited to make sure that the price of the product which they refer to corresponds to the price appearing on the day page of but not on a page expired which they will find by searching in the the internet in a way that says “ mask”.


The personal information given by the client and registered by the website at the moment of order constitutes the proof of the transaction between and the client. After the validation of the order by the client, sends a confirmation mail to the client to notify that the order have been registered. The total amount is payable in cash on the day of order. will not be held to proceed the delivering of the products ordered by the client if the price have not been payed beforehand in total. The property of products is not transfered to the client as long as the perfect payment of the price have not been made by the client. The transfer the risk of loses and the deterioration of the products will be realized at the moment of delivery and reception of the products by the client. The delivery costs are indicated on the website and


are mentioned all the included taxes. These costs are in charge of the client and will be billed as an addition to the price of sale of the products. The client will be informed before the final registration of his order of the delivery costs relating to the order, and the payment will be asked to the client for the total amount of the purchase.

Sale item 4 - Delivery

The products chosen by the client will be delivered with a maximum delay of thirty days after the day of the order to the address provided by the client at the moment of his order on the website . In case of delivery beyond the established delay, without completely unavoidable explanation, the client will be able to ask for the resolution of the purchase according to the conditions establish in the item L. 114-1 from the code of the consummation and get back the amount of money given at the moment of the sale. Only in particular cases where the unavailability of one or several products, the products ordered will be deliver once. The deliveries are guarantee by an independent conveyer. The client shall inspect the conditions of the product delivery. If the client chose a way of delivery with signature, is not responsible and it wont give you back your money in case of problems of shipping.

Sale item 5 - Right of retraction

According to the law, the client has, a delay of retraction of seven ( 7 ) days starting at the


moment of the delivery of the products, to return them back to in order to be reimbursed. The client will be able to return the product bought during the time indicated, the date indicated in the delivery document being taken, subject to respect of the following conditions.


a) The products should be returned in the original conditions and entirely, to allow a re commercialization as a new product, they have to have include the delivery document.


b) The products have to be sent back to the Phyto Creativ laboratories.


c)The amount of money payed by the client, only referring to the price including all taxes of the products, will be totally refunded, by credit transfer to the account indicated by the client in this specific case, or by a bank check in a delay of maximum 30 days starting from the moment of the client’s declaration to retract his order. The client will be in charge of paying the return of the product.


d) The client will be able if he/she wants, to choose on proposition of for another way of getting his/her money back or having vouchers.


e) In the case of partial return or not, of the products which have been the object of a global promotion including one or severals product as presents, the presents conceded by related to the purchase of one or severals products should be returned to . In case of the client keeping the product/products gave as a global promotion, it/they will be billed on the initial price. An additional bill will be given for this reason during the next 15 days of the partial return of the products and it will be accessible in the link “ my account ”.


f) In the case of partial return, the products which have been the object of a global promotion including the reduction, the products kept by the client will be billed in the initial price without promotion. An additional bill will be given for this reason during the next 15 days of the partial return of the products and it will be accessible in the link “ my account ”.


g) In case of returning the product out of the delay above mentioned, the client won't be refunded and will be informed that the products will be available in the warehouse during 1 month. On request of the client the products could be resent to him/her with reserve of the payment of new delivery expenses.

Sale item 6 - Informatics and freedoms

The client is informed that the personal information related with his/her order will be the object of an automatic treatment of data. In application of the law 78-17 of January 6th 1978, It is pointed out that the personal data which are requested to the client are necessary for the treatment of his/her order and they are addressed to the internal use by Being about information concerning the client, according to the conditions established by the law and the current regulations, the client has the right to access and modify, in his/her space “ my account ”, and to make opposition by contacting the customer service through internet in the link Contact us of the website. This automatic treatment of data has as objective to define a level of analysis of a transaction and fight against the bank card's counterfeit. can have to ask supporting documents to the client ( supporting documents at the name of bank card owner, address supporting, etc. ). In the case of the client refusing to give the documents or information, will cancel the order and it will proceed to the reimbursement of the product. The appearance of an unpaid or fraudulent authorization of a bank card and the irregular declarations or lies of the client will involved the inscription of the informations given in relation to the order related to this unpaid within an incidental file of payment managed by .


Sale item 7 - Applicable duty - litigations


This contract is ruled by the french law. All of the litigations in relation to this contract, concerning its validation, its execution, its cancellation or any kind of consequence, will be summited to the competent court under the conditions of the common right.


Sale item 8 - Intellectual property


All of the elements on the website developed by are and will remain under exclusive intellectual property of or of its provider. In any case, the client or another person is not authorized to reproduce, to exploit, to diffuse or to use under any concept, even partial, the elements of the website above mentioned. The social denomination, marks and characteristics of the product on the website are protected by the right of marks; the reproduction or the representation of any parts of these elements is strictly prohibited.