One Gel Fitness - soulage jambes lourdes


One Gel Fitness, a massage gel that penetrates quickly and brings freshness, well-being. Ideal massage gel for all working women who want to feel good about their bodies.


Heavy legs

One Gel Fitness - soulage jambes lourdes

Heavy legs often hide a vein problem. The legs heavy, swollen, numb and painful are a sign of poor circulation: the blood pools in the legs giving the feeling of " heavy legs ".

The causes can be diverse: overweight, lack of exercise, long hours spent standing, etc.
One application of One Gel Fitness with a gentle massage upwards along the legs enables traffic. Thanks to its rapid penetration into the skin, Fitness One Gel stimulates hormone production with analgesic and anti -inflammatory action. Pain is alleviated quickly and then finds a better traffic activity.



Hydratation & Natural

One Gel Fitness dissipates feelings of tiredness immediately and brings freshness and lightness to your body. Its texture is nice, and its minty notes gives you a true wellness. Natural, gel massage plant species which helps in relaxation and recovery after exercise.

One Gel fitness - soulage jambes lourdes hydratation


One Gel Fitness improves blood circulation and prevent water retention, common in summer. Feelings of fatigue dissipates immediately and brings well-being and comfort to your legs. Its very nice texture and minty notes provide a real well-being.


Wellness, Beauty & Freshness