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Fitness One Gel is the only gel muscle, joint and circulatory 

One Gel Fitness - soulage jambe lourde

made especially for women leg. It combines strength, beauty and power thanks to its carefully selected ingredients. The effects of Red Vine relieve heavy legs and are well known to reduce the problems of venous insufficiency.


One Gel Fitness - soulage jambes jourdes

Caffeine, fat burner, is also one of the ingredients of our flagship gel as it helps strengthen the skin and fade the orange skin and stretch marks.



One Gel Fitness - soulage jambes lourdes

Camphor and menthol provide a feeling of extreme freshness and intense heat that anesthesia initially for pain relief and re- activates the function of muscles and joints.

The action in real synergy of the ingredients of this gel allows our product to act effectively against heavy legs, stretch marks, orange peel skin, muscle and joint pain, draining properties of your One Gel Fitness are felt immediately !


One Gel Fitness - soulage jambes lourdes

Choose One Gel Fitness is choosing welfare everyday is perfection ally, feel and beauty!


One Gel Fitness - soulage jambes lourdes

No more daily hassles : heavy legs , fatigue, backache , etc ...
One Gel Fitness !

An immediate feeling of relaxation ...