One Gel SportOne Gel Sport

Description du produit

During the training it improves your muscle resistance and performance. It consists in delaying the limits of the tiredness helping to have a faster recovery.

One Gel Sport

Necessary to get rid of the metabolic residues, causing many kinds of discomforts. A massage after the effort, relieves the muscles and activates the circulation.
Powerful and intense for your comfort and well-being, One Gel Sport will completely satisfy the sporty and active people, thanks to its relieving effect.

Created as a consequence of a significative national and international claim for the body well being. One Gel Sport is successfully entering the territory.

As a result of severals years of investigation, One Gel offers a unique recipe never seen before, with exceptional properties, combining natural ingredients that give an efficient result immediately.

One Gel

Physiologist's point of view:

'Very fluid and smooth texture which brings to the massage a nice sensation of well being, the cold effect makes the articulations and circulatory system painless thanks to its analgesic effect. Perfect readying for any kind of efforts, active or passive.'

M.K. Physiologist

Origin natural
Recognized to relieve sensible areas

It is the indispensable product in the bag of every sportsman or anybody activates.